Lets give hugs a chance

Forgive me for a moment, and this is a plea and not a rant or a moan, honestly. But as a I walked around the coast this evening, in Hartlepool, I wanted to say something, to the people of this town, though it applies everywhere. As a write this, there are still less than 40 confirmed deaths of this virus in this town, of over 90,000 people. Those 40 are all one to many, all a tragedy and a loss, to every family affected.
But compared to many places we have such a low rate at the moment, and I hope this isnt because of unknown deaths or testing, but what if we, in this town, can stay the lowest infection rate, stay the town that lost the fewest, that acted in a way that respected each other, each other in the families and friendships we hold so dearly in this town, did the right thing for everyone.

And it is hard to do.

I would love to see and hug my beautiful children, but they now live in a separate house, I may not hug them for months, I have beautiful friends, and I want to share a glass of wine with them, and hug them to, and share life together. I love to travel and see the world, just like all of you. I could do all those things this week or next week or next month, but that might be the last time I do. And I would rather hug and drink wine with my children and friends for every day after all this is over, and I bet you do too.

But for now I have to appreciate everything that is beautiful within walking distance. And yes im fortunate, given the photos to have this view within 30 seconds of walking from my home. But there is other beauty.

I have seen the beauty of the couples walking, people on bikes cycling that have clearly still got years of shed dust on them, the strangers keeping physical distancing, we are all in this together, all making the absolute best of it.  This is not a moan that people arent keeping rules, but a heartfelt plea, that in this town, and maybe yours too, we have an opportunity to act compassionately to everyone, to mean that there are less funerals, less deaths, and more hugs, more drinks in the pub, more exploring, and more love in the future. We, you, and I can all make a difference, and maybe in Hartlepool, we can do this.

Lets give hugs a chance at the end of this.

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