All youth ministry is local.

No matter what the denomination leaders say No matter what the youth ministry specialists say No matter what the seminar leaders at the latest conference says No matter what the trainers at Christian ministries explain. No matter what the latest generalised view in a book is No matter what the latest research on a lost… Continue Reading →

Mission: Developing gifts on our doorstep

Notes from todays sermon, at Headland Baptist Church, Hartlepool.. Todays subject is on Fruitfulness on the frontline, and based around the subject of mission, and about mission, about fruitfulness on the frontline. 22 year ago I took part in a gap year called Oasis Frontline, and they sent me to Hartlepool back then, so talking… Continue Reading →

How might churches invest in young people? (if that’s one of the only ways young people will invest in the faith)

This is effectively the sentiment from Christian Smith who wrote, in 2003; ‘Young people are more likely to become serious about their faith, if the institution of the church makes significant investment in them” So.. whilst invest possibly is a word that we might challenge for its financial association. There is a reality that churches… Continue Reading →

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