About James

IMG-20140608-WA0004Hello, and welcome to ‘Learning from the Streets’ a blog by me, James Ballantyne, which at the moment has about 400 articles on it, ranging from detached youthwork, youth ministry, community development, theology, mission and Theodrama. Please do take a look around, use the menus and tags to find articles of practical help or further discussion.

Here is a little bit about me, Currently I am living in Hartlepool, in the North East of England with my wife Lynn, and two teenage children Anna and George. I enjoy cycling , going to the odd boro match with my son, and walking my dog around the north east beaches.

My recent professional role is as the North East Development worker for Frontier Youth Trust, which involves developing conversations with clergy and others who have the desire to develop faith based community/youth work in their local areas. For more information click the link above: FYT/Streetspace in the North East.

Up until June 2017 I was the Centre Director at Durham YFC which involved managing and supervising youthworkers, and helping in the delivery of detached youthwork, after-schools open youth clubs and schools based mentoring work in County Durham.

I am just finishing an MA in Theology and Ministry at St Johns Durham and am just writing my Thesis on ‘How might Theodrama be useful for Youth Ministry’ which involves delving into writing by Kevin Vanhoozer, Paul Ricoeur, Wesley Vander Lugt, Hans George Gadamer, as well as reflecting on the work of Erving Goffman and regarding Humans as sociological performers.

I am also self employed and have delivered training and lectures for ICC, SWYM and CYM, as well as training and seminars for Exeter YMCA, Exmouth ICE, Deep Impact (scotland), St Andrews Episcopal Diocese (Scotland) especially on youthwork training, young people and alcohol and detached youthwork. Please do contact me to book me for training in a local church, a diocese or affiliation.

Thank you for visiting this site, I hope you found reading the articles interesting and stimulating for your practice of working with young people, please comment, share anything that might be of help to you and your volunteers. Thank you.

Please do contact me if you would like to book training, seminars, or lectures especially on subjects like Detached youth work, mentoring, youthwork practice, management and youthwork, developing strategies for youthwork and Youth, church and Mission.

To contact me directly do so via Jamesballantyne1978@yahoo.co.uk or leave a comment below, thank you.

You can also find me at Twitter on https://twitter.com/JamesOSM  or @Jamesosm


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