Detached and Outreach Youth work resources

After reading any one of the articles on this blog site on detached youthwork, you may be wondering where to go next with reading a bit more on the subject. If this is the case then look below, as I have listed a number of resources, and pages where you can get further information, sometimes free downloads, articles or books for you to develop your thinking on detached and outreach work further.

  • Goetchius, G & Tash, J Working with Unattached Youth, 1967   

This is one book with its own separate page on the website, for me its ‘the bible’ of detached work, i got a copy on Waterstones market place about 10 years ago. My review of this book is on this site, follow this link

Back to Infed, on this page they provide a potted history of detached and outreach work, and also a list of suitable reading, including Jude Wilds fascinating little book Street mates (1982) which is worth a look at though its very difficult to find. Theres a number on this list work hunting for, and also journal pieces such as Princes Trust (1999) and the JRF piece, thats widely quoted, its by Crimmens ‘reaching socially excluded young people’ by JRF in 2004. 

There are a number of ‘How to’ Resources,, these include

  • Detached Youthwork Guidelines – Published by the Federation of Detached youthwork in 2007
  • Reconnecting Detached youth work by Graeme Tiffany 2007, and Graemes is slightly less a how to by a why to resource. It is noticeable the lack of references in Graemes work, and as such this reflects the little there is on this approach, the same pieces seem to be circulated around alot.
  • International Guide on the methodology of street work throughout the world, 2008, by Dynamo International –  This website is also the place for a whole host of journals and articles on detached and outreach from a global perspective. It is definitely worth a look.  They also published ‘Streetwork; an International Handbook’ in 2009.

From a Faith Perspective three that stand out are

  • Meet them where they’re at – by Richard Passmore, this is so well sold its out of print, but gives an overview of how a church might start meeting young people out on the streets, and introduces a 9 stage process which is developed further in ‘Here be Dragons’
  • Outside -In 1993 by Mike Breen – probably a first attempt at trying to get churches to shift outside of their attractional models
  • The follow up to Meet them where they’re at is ‘Here be Dragons, Youthwork and Mission off the map’ This was also written by Richard Passmore, with significant input from his wife Lorimer, myself and also stories from the FYT Streetspace community. You can buy this via a link on the menu’s above, it is sold via the FYT website

A number of chapters on detached youthwork appear in other books,

Such as ‘Detached Youthwork Management’ by Greame Tiffany in Ord, Jon (eds) Critical Issues in Youth work Management, 2012

Detached youthwork features heavily in ‘Youth work in communities and schools’ by Annette Coburn & David Wallace (2011) 

Fairly recent Journal articles include

Recently in ‘Youth and Theology” Being church; The Social and Spiritual Impact of detached youthwork’ – written by Naomi Thompson and myself, you can buy a copy here, and view an abstract  on the journal of youth and theology website.

There are a number of journal pieces in ‘Youth and Policy’ – and search ‘detached’ – there is one here

Along with the websites I have referred you to, do click the link on the right of this page for the Federation of detached youthwork where there are further resources , links and support.

There used to be local councils that would publish their detached youthwork guidelines on their websites, and a google search might still find them, if this is the kind of thing that might be helpful for you, then have a search, most likely is wakefield (as they still do detached). and there may be others.

Apologies if you have written something that I have missed, and if theres some I have missed, especially new books and journals do let me know, I could do a review of them on this site, and add them to this list. Happy finding and reading.

If you have found this site, and want me to deliver training for you, your volunteers or organisation on detached youthwork, then please do contact me via here, or via my email

Thank you