Detached Youthwork Masterclass

If you have the problem that there are young people hanging around the local church building, the shops or the park, and it is starting to cause an issue – then maybe it is time to think about how best to develop working with them.

After all, we cant always choose which young people God puts in our path to awaken our attention. Being equipped to do detached youthwork isnt that difficult, but it is worth thinking through a number of issues before starting out.

Over the last 10 years I have delivered detached youthwork training for groups in the following organisations

ICC Now NTC, Glasgow

Centre for Youth & Mission

South West Youth Ministries

Exeter YMCA

ICE Project Exmouth

Perth YMCA

MINE project, Byker Newcastle

and also church groups in the North East and South West.

I offer 1/2, 1 day or repeated sessions on detached youthwork a masterclass on the subject – thats highly recommended!

It will suit your needs for developing a small volunteer team and beginning the exploring of heading out on the streets and connecting with young people. It covers all the stuff you need or might need when starting out, including planning, observation and evaluating. Theres a large focus on what happens when you’re out on the streets and engaging with young people, in the conversations. Then I cover things like reflection, supervision and team work, all essential for detached work.

The training also include worksheets, resources and training pack, discussions, role plays and also potentially observations and supervision sessions later on, once you get going. You might just be surprised how easy it is once the initial fears are overcome- and not just easy, but unpredictable, exciting even, especially when the young people stop and have a conversation!

So, what are you waiting for?  book a detached youthwork masterclass,  using this response form:


The costs for a church or organisation for this will be approxiomately

£150 a session ( 1/2 day- 3 1/2 hours)

£275 a day

and slightly extra for handouts and printing, as well as travel costs.

If you think this is expensive, then think that this is an investment in your volunteers, developing their skills and confidence in mission and conversation, and once you have completed the training theres no additional costs ( unless you want me to come back to do some supervision). Yes its no quick fix, off the shelf programme, but quick fix, off the shelf programmes arent likely to be the bet way of connecting with the young people who are just hanging around.

The training will easily transfer to other aspects of church life and mission, especially conversation, listening and making participatory spaces for people to become contributors.

In a one day detached youthwork training session you would have time to discuss the following:

  • Introduction to detached youthwork- the why? 
  • Developing observation and research
  • Cold contact and conversation
  • Dealing with the difficult
  • Health/Safety & Risk
  • Planning/Reviewing and Evaluation.

All this for about £300 a day!

As you can imagine, not all are covered in depth in one day, and If you want this to be the case then a series of sessions may be more appropriate. But there will be more than enough to get you started, energised and prepared for being out on the streets. This gives you an idea of what I would typically cover in a one day session with your group of intrepid volunteers.

If you want more information, please do get in touch and I can discuss options for the detached youthwork training you require.

Some of the feedback from the detached training I have done is here.

In case you hadnt noticed, there are many articles on detached youthwork on this site too, just click on the category.

Please do get in touch, so that your teams and volunteers can be upskilled and ready for the adventure

I looking forward to hearing from you to help and develop your youthwork