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I am sorry to have to make this suggestion; as you can tell by the adverts, this site is completely free to run, and, it has also been maintained and updated on a voluntary basis, as a way of sharing ideas, reflections and encouraging youth work practice.  In no way have I ever wanted this site to be something that was about restricting access or having to be paid for, and so there is about 650 articles on here at the moment that are completely free! Which, has taken a great deal of time over the years, and i hope that its been of benefit.

Would you be willing to help me out financially – in just a small way?

There are a couple of ways you can do this:

If you like what you read, something interests you and you are in need of developing youthwork in your church or organisation through workshops, training, consultancy or support, contact me via my email, and arrange a booking. The training details are all in the menus above.

Alternatively, if you would like to make a financial gift to me towards the ongoing running of this site , then you can do so by sending an electronic payment (BACS) to this account sort 30-99-47  a/c 22147760 . Any gifts or donations gladly received, for any other payment methods, please send me an email via the above and let me know. If you do send a gift to this account, thank you, it is sincerely appreciated, i can acknowledge it if you send me an email along with it so it can be confirmed. Thank you in advance for any gifts or donations towards this site, ministry and conversation.

I will continue to upload articles and writing on a fairly frequent basis, and it can be copied and used for free, please do acknowledge me in this, and share the source with others to view for themselves (

Thank you


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