Got a question about your youthwork practice? Ask here:

What do you do when young people are too old for messy church?

What do you do if young people start swearing at you on the streets?

How do you make the Bible interesting for young people?

I can never get volunteers to leave the kitchen- how can i do this? 

How might i prove to the church leaders that i am doing good discipleship – when none of the young people go to church on a Sunday?


Maybe these are not some of the questions you are asking about your youth group, youth club or provisions. Or… maybe they are..

Often my blog pieces start with a question – but not everyone is asking the same question, not everyone is having the same challenge or struggle, not everyone… actually no one is meeting the same young people that you are, or being posed questions of them in a way you are, in the situation you are in. 

So where do you go with your questions? 

How do you start to try and work some of them out? 

What i would like to do, is create a space on this blog site so that I can provide you with some reflections based on your specific questions.

I will endeavour to spend some time answering your questions about your youthwork, your youth group, the trials, challenges, issues, concerns you may have, or help you work through an idea, a proposal or a piece of inspiration. 

But if you dont mind – would you be happy that the response is made public via this blog, so many many more people can benefit?  (obviously not if its a personal question) 

If you have a question for me, what you can do is write it in the form below, and send it to me via email using the form. At the end of each month- starting at the end of May – or for every 5 questions I get, I may write up a short response, reflection for it. Some questions may require a longer reflection, others a short one. 

Consider this a free service (donations always accepted) – as a first stop to get some free advice to help you with your youth group, programme or project.  I wont promise an immediate response, as i will probably do a response when i have received a few different questions, though will try to make a response to them all. 

After all, I would love to be able to help you with your youth work, and others too might benefit. You may find that the question has already been asked , you may even find it if you search this blog. 

Heres the form




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