‘Here be Dragons’

In November 2012,  Richard, Lori and I and quite a few others from the Streetspace community, began pulling together some of the stories and thoughts of the community based Christian youth work that we were doing across Britain, some of it detached, others small group or centre based.  It has taken a little while to get it out there, but i hope that some of these stories and reflections help to inspire you in your encounters with God in the lives of young people in your communities.

You can order a copy here http://www.fyt.org.uk/content/product/books-amp-resources/here-be-dragons-youth-work-and-mission-map

And for a short while i have some copies so you can get one for the discounted price of £12… just send me an email jamesballantyne1978@yahoo.co.uk

If you like what you read or have questions or comments, please let us know.. thank you

A Review of Here Be Dragons was recently in Youthwork Magazine – here it is: http://www.premieryouthwork.com/Regulars/Reviews2/Here-be-Dragons-Richard-and-Lorimer-Passmore-and-James-G.-Ballantyne

James also helped to edit ‘Embracing the Passion’ by Nigel Pimlott -here is where you can get this:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Embracing-Passion-Christian-Youthwork-Politics/dp/0334053110/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426108360&sr=8-1&keywords=embracing+the+passion



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