FYT/Streetspace: Developing new Mission work with young people in the North East. 

A funded opportunity in the North East is available for you!

Frontier Youth Trust (FYT) , locally already in partnership with, Sidewalk Scarborough, Streetspace Middlesbrough, EDYS partnership, Durham, have the capacity and funding to invest in developing pioneer faith based detached work in a number of areas in the Durham Diocese (one has already begun in Middlesbrough, now also Hartlepool, Spennymoor and Gateshead) and also in the Newcastle Diocese. (One has already got off the ground in Tweedmouth)

FYT nationally have been helping groups of people including churches to develop work amongst young people deemed ‘at risk’ and creating spaces in a variety of forms to explore spirituality for over 50 years. They have been given funding from CUF to develop new initiatives in the North East, where churches and groups are interested in missional/emerging church work that starts with young people outside of the church.

So, if this appeals and you have;

an interest in developing community work- but dont know where or how to start

a place where there may be resources (buildings/money/people- though not necessarily all of these) ,

places where there are people who can be trained to do detached work

and/or  places where there might be an openness to experiment, or welcome a range of expressions of church and enable young people in a community to explore faith in communities together.

If this sounds like an opportunity for you, then please contact me using the feedback sheet below.

James, or someone else from FYT/Streetspace would love to have a conversation with you to find out your journey thus far, and discover what might be possible next with you and young people locally and how you might be able to access a range of FYT resources as groups of volunteers.

If you’re in Durham or Newcastle Diocese then funding is available for the time for a worker from FYT/Streetspace to enable the following in your community to kick start pioneer community work!

this could include one of the following:

a) a community needs/gifts profile

b) detached (street based)  youthwork training for volunteers

c) supervision/delivery of detached youthwork

d) consultancy for starting youth/community work

e) something else appropriate that aids you in the process of starting work with young people in a local community with the intention of developing and exploring faith and meeting them where theyre at.

If this is something you’re interested in please contact me below, or FYT/streetspace here ; http://www.fyt.org.uk

FYT/Streetspace have a number of projects across the country, all developed in areas by people with the desire to listen to local needs/gifts, and respond to a deep calling for an area, and explore spirituality with young people along that journey, this is the Streetspace network of 56 projects.

Further details of the work of Streetspace can be found on the FYT website, its processes are written about in the ‘Here be Dragons’ book ( see above menus), but at this stage if you want to arrange to meet up and converse ideas, dreams and plans, then please be in touch.

If you have been praying as a group for a community, for its people and young people, but not sure what to do next, again, it would be great to have a conversation with you about how you might develop conversation with them in ways to encourage faith.

If this isnt you, but you know of people who this might be, please share these opportunities with them, if you lead a federation, affiliation, denomination, then again, please share to those who might be interested.