How do you start mentoring young people? This one day training might help

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Ever wondered what kind of positive effect having a mentor could have for some of the young people in your youth club? 

Ever thought that mentoring might be a really helpful way of increasing your volunteers, partnerships with schools and making a significant different to young people in your community? 

Ever just thought – what is mentoring? 

If you have, and want to spend some time working through a response to these, then read on:

In this one day course I aim to give you understanding, knowledge and practical insight into what is required to begin developing mentoring in your youth work programme or project.  Image result for mentoring

You may be wanting to start developing mentoring in a school

You may want to develop one to one relationships with young people from the open youth club

You may be thinking about being more intentional with one to one discipleship with young people in your church

Well, this one day of training on mentoring covers all of these options.

With my experience in being a mentor in a number of different situations, managing a mentoring project and writing a thesis on the subject.  I have put together this training for anyone thinking of starting a mentoring programme – but doesnt quite know where or how to start, or if you’re managing a youth project and thinking that one to one work with young people is whats required.

The course is tailored specifically to think from a manager or supervisors point of view and so it covers many of the aspects required in the planning, matching and developing of mentoring relationships, and to consider the how, why and what of mentoring young people.

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The feedback I have had after running this course so far includes:

It answered the questions I had about mentoring

Made me feel more confident that it is something we can do (in this project)

It helped me get a better understanding of the phases of mentoring

great practical application

it took our context into account and helped us think how we could so this here

it helped make mentoring more concrete for us here

It brought up important questions about how we could support young people here,

Great training! really informative, covered lots of scenarios and gave a critical approach

So good, we might ask you to come back! 

What this course isnt,  is all the answers to the detail questions, like ‘how often should i do supervision with a mentor’ or ‘what should be included in training for the specific mentors’ – no, this is more of an overview of the whole process, the big picture thinking, and opportunity for you in projects and groups to work through what might be your own practical steps and processes, to fill in these gaps – in your context. Its the big picture, with local flavour. The local detail might need a conversation afterwards, what ill try and do is point you in a few directions and give you ideas to hopefully expand thinking, and also ensure that there are aspects that either a manager or mentor might need to think about in the whole process.

I do help you to look at the positives and disadvantages of mentoring, and help you to work towards your own purposes and definition of what mentoring is, and share tools for planning, shaping and creating mentoring that might work for young people, and maintain a youthwork approach.  If this sounds like what you need right now, to start being more intentional, or develop a new approach to one to one work, then contact me using the form below.

Cost for the day £200. (day= 8 hours; can be negotiated,)+ public transport costs from North East England.

I look forward to hearing from you