Youthwork, Mission and Ministry Strategy Days

We Dont have any young people in our church – how do we get some?

When our children leave sunday school they all disappear! why dont they stay in church?

There’s loads of young people who live near the church but never turn up to our events- dont they like us?

The church down the road, theyve got a youth worker, maybe we should get one

If you want to see young people develop faith, have faith, or learn from young people to develop faith and ongoing discipleship, If your thinking these thoughts in a church right now, or currently a minister in a church and thinking some of these questions and about to head right into the ‘taking a plunge’ stage of doing something – then maybe a youth work strategy day might be what you need to do first!

As well as supervision, and training for youthworkers, James can deliver a day on the subject of ‘developing a youthwork strategy’ for your church in its community. James has a wealth of experience of approaches, both community and church based, is currently linked with a number of agencies such as Frontier Youth Trust, Youth for Christ and In defence of youthwork, all of which gives James knowledge of practice nationally, and knowledge of different approaches, some of which might be suitable for you where you are.

It is an interactive day whereby your church, diocese or ecumenical group, can discuss local contexts, needs and plans, think about a range of approaches to working with young people, as well as spend time thinking about culture, mission, theology and the church, all of which have an important role in how as a faith community young people become included.

During the afternoon you will get the opportunity to develop local strategies for youthwork practice, based on the resources that you have, the gifts and abilities in the church & community that youve shared, and begin to put steps in place to start following them up.

James can then offer to arrange follow up with you to help as you go through the processes, and start developing church and mission with young people in your local area.

The Cost of one of these days is £400 for an ecumenical or Diocese group of churches – or £300 for an individual church + travel by public transport to you (from Hartlepool- where James is Based) . The day would be especially suitable for church leaders and more especially volunteers who often get over looked in thinking about these kind of strategic issues.

If the cost is prohibitive, then 1/2 day sessions could be arranged for you, and James will offer to reduce the cost for churches and groups in County Durham, Hartlepool and Teeside – depending on your situation.

There will not be any ‘hard-sell’ of any one type of approach, or ministry. This is not the reason for gathering a group of people together in your time. The reason is that it will give you opportunity to think through approaches, develop your own and be inspired in the conversations together to see young people and churches and communities transformed.

If you might be interested in this, please contact James at to arrange a day and time.

Looking forward to hearing from you and exploring new paths together with young people….