The wait is almost over

I watched one of those ‘review of the year’ programmes early this morning when my dog woke us all up at 6. I had remembered many things. But forgot about the eclipse. That rare sight. Only partial in the UK but still a rare moment in astronomical history. Footage of cars piled into fields to watch the moment of light to darkness and then slowly … Continue reading The wait is almost over

‘Albermarleys were dead to begin with…’ A Youthwork Christmas carol.

‘Albermarleys were dead to begin with’,   Rang the sound in bells that hung over the town. It was Christmas eve and the workers at The department of education were still hard at it, while the rest of the village gathered festivities and trees and danced upon ice and shopped and smiled, but not those education workers who did the accounts and balanced their books. At … Continue reading ‘Albermarleys were dead to begin with…’ A Youthwork Christmas carol.

The 12 youthwork days of Christmas

  altogether now…..   On the 12 days of Christmas my youthworker gave to me… 12 annoying icebreakers 11 months of funding 10 broken ground rules 9 (or ninety) games of ping pong 8 hr sessional contracts 7 jeffs and smith books 6 franchise projects (speaking of which..) N….C…. S…….  (or if you cant bring yourself to say NCS, say D…B….S instead) 4 smart objectives … Continue reading The 12 youthwork days of Christmas

Re-dramatizing Christmas

Its that most wonderful time of the year! when Michael Buble sings! When tea towels are in short supply in schools, when donkeys get a winter task, when the story of Jesus’s birth is told and told and told. And acted out with children as narrators, actors and parents gushing, hoping that their precious doesnt forget their lines, and everyone does that cute thing. And the … Continue reading Re-dramatizing Christmas