Can youth ministry and youth work really be all joined up?

An article has just been published in Youth and Policy in which Andy du Feu from Moorlands college asks whether there needs to be a larger table for youth work and youth ministry could sit and converse together in dialogue. It is an interesting piece and builds on Allan Clynes article in 2015 on the professional narrative in youth ministry. To read Andys piece have … Continue reading Can youth ministry and youth work really be all joined up?

Lumiere Durham

The following piece of Art really caught my attention at Lumiere Durham on Sunday night; To me it caused me to reflect on identity, change, masks and the complexity of Humanity. After a week of learning and dialogue in one profession (youth work) across faiths, denominations, beliefs and positions within specific faiths contrasted with this weekends events in Paris and other cities, have caused me … Continue reading Lumiere Durham

Interjecting in Conversation

Quite a bit has been written about the importance of and nature of conversation as education within Youth work – see for example Jeffs & Smith (2005 & 2010) , or as examples. It is something that i often maybe incorrectly ask trainee detached youth workers or volunteers to deconstruct too far, when they start training in detached work.  Yet within detached youth work, … Continue reading Interjecting in Conversation