Losing Hope in Youth Ministry

Since I gave up hope I feel alot better! This was a lyric in one of Steve Taylors songs back in the 1980’s. It was christian satire set to music, and performed with flamboyance. More details of his can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Taylor. The Song itself pokes at the academic education system within the USA, and a humanist belief that a person can achieve and have … Continue reading Losing Hope in Youth Ministry

What if church really is the ‘Theatre of the Gospel’ ?

” The Church is a theatre of the Gospel in a double sense; the space designed for the performance of plays (place) and the lived presentation of dramatic action (people)…. The Mission of the local church is to constitute itself as a theatre of the gospel, walking the way of Jesus Christ across the stage of the world” (Vanhoozer 2014; 170, 172) So what you … Continue reading What if church really is the ‘Theatre of the Gospel’ ?

Reclaiming the dramatic

‘The Incarnational quality is essential to a theatrical performance’ ( Johnson & Savidge 2009) Over the last few weeks I have discussed the differences between Theatre and film, as an event (by the way i was quite numbed by the experience of watching Jurassic world at the cinema over the weekend), but in thinking about Theatre, it got me thinking about the comparisons between live … Continue reading Reclaiming the dramatic