Is it time to take the rainbows down?

At some point, it crossed my mind, that we might start to think about taking down the rainbows from our windows, just like we stopped clapping, I know friends who already have, and their words about this have shaped some of what I have tried to convey here. For what the rainbow symbolises feels nothing like the promise, the hope, and the reality of the … Continue reading Is it time to take the rainbows down?

On Storms

The sunshine had gone yesterday, a storm hit the barriers of the sea walls of Hartlepool. Waves crashed. I used to be afraid of storms. But not anymore. On Storms Storms are there to help you realise what caused them, To shift dead air, To force change To reveal protection. To ride, To use their energy, To propel. To change direction, To cleanse To uproot … Continue reading On Storms

Prosecco, Pizza and Pebbles – The FYT movement gathering 2019

The red kites soar overhead in the early hot summer sky. The sound of geese hooting from the lake, the chime of an ice cream van from a distant estate, the creaking sound of the wooden poles of the yurt holding strong in the breeze. I am just back from the FYT movement gathering held at the same venue as last year’s, the rock UK … Continue reading Prosecco, Pizza and Pebbles – The FYT movement gathering 2019

Developing Hope Inspiring Relationships

For the best part of the last 6 years, I have had this quotation on my desk. I originally got it when I attended two days training on Mental Health Recovery, run by Perth & Kinross council, and at the time there was alot of free training available. As a detached youthworker, I have always found validity in learning from other disciplines and thinking as … Continue reading Developing Hope Inspiring Relationships

Losing Hope in Youth Ministry

Since I gave up hope I feel alot better! This was a lyric in one of Steve Taylors songs back in the 1980’s. It was christian satire set to music, and performed with flamboyance. More details of his can be found here: The Song itself pokes at the academic education system within the USA, and a humanist belief that a person can achieve and have … Continue reading Losing Hope in Youth Ministry

Being part of church to change the local world

Ive got to admit, the last two football seasons have been a nightmare in our house. We have 2 1/2 Middlesbrough fans (I’m the 1/2), two seasons of hovering around the play off places all season, or being nearly at the top, every game is important, every game is tense, every game means something, every game support is required and either I or members of … Continue reading Being part of church to change the local world