Learning Hope from Seaham beach

Seaham Beach is only a few miles up the road from me, here in Hartlepool. Up until about 50 years ago various coal mining industries peppered the East Durham coast, including some that were situated on the coast itself. They poured out their blackened waste products onto the beaches starting at Seaham and the ‘slag’ worked its way down the coast, there’s a black ridge … Continue reading Learning Hope from Seaham beach

Sharing Youthwork Stories

Has a youthworker changed your life?  Whats your story and did a youthworker have an impact upon you, for a moment, for a long period of time or ongoing even now? One of the projects that is ongoing right now by Bernard Davies and the IDYW campaign is to gather stories of change, of moments when lives have been changed because of youthwork, and gather … Continue reading Sharing Youthwork Stories

The power of changing predicted destinations; learning from two Origin stories

Yesterday I watched two films; The blind side, and Skyfall. Two very different films, however two films with a running theme, not unlike many films. The construct that the expectations from the humble origins of the character do not necessarily match their future. Albeit with a bucket load of white person rescue complex, the story of the homeless,  familyless, oversised boy,  who became known to … Continue reading The power of changing predicted destinations; learning from two Origin stories

Streetspace Gathering 2015

Imagine if you will the following: A Field in Derbyshire, on a small community farm 13 tents, two marquees and a shelter 4 portaloos, and 2 showers that needed people outside the door to adjust the temperature. A fire A mobile Pizza Van courtesy of Rustic Pizza’s 2 BBQ’s 35 People, some youthworkers, project leaders, volunteers, new junior leaders, some children. Now imagine that with … Continue reading Streetspace Gathering 2015

Theatrical Martyrdom and the story that goes on…

“Suffering is not a particularly popular or attractive strategy for human flourishing. Churches on the look out for effective marketing strategies for Christian discipleship would therefore be advised to look elsewhere” (Vanhoozer 2014) The English term Martyr means Witness, Soren Kirkegaard defines witness as “someone who directly demonstrates the truth of the doctrine he proclaims, directly by partly by being the truth within him, partly … Continue reading Theatrical Martyrdom and the story that goes on…