Encouraged by silence. 

This was in my reading this morning from the Northumbria daily prayer. 

If I chose to hide you away, it is for a reason.

I have brought you to this place.

Drink in the silence. Seek solitude.

Listen to the silence.

It will teach you. It will build strength

Let others share it with you.

It is little to be found elsewhere.

Silence will speak more to you in a day than the world of voices can teach you in a lifetime.

Find silence. Find solitude – and having discovered her riches, bind her to your heart.

   Frances J. Roberts

So, continuing my lent theme of encouragement, whilst at work, I wondered about being encouraged through the silence. 

Then the phone at work rang. An emergency to deal with.

The day disrupted. 

The day changed. 

Where was silence, gone in the wrestling of the heartbeat. The pumping of adrenaline. The attempts to stay calm. Stillness  shattered.

But then a break. A gap, a walk. 

Still no silence as cars and wind and birds and my own footsteps meant that silence wasnt there. 

Mind still raced. Heart beat still pumped no stillness no silence.

The limited space in the day to day life. The limited attempt to find silence and not fill it. The silence of the gap that acts as a breather. 

Yet in the silence there’s a storm, a rage. A question. A growing burning anger. A fear. A worry. A silent storm. 

Today I’m encouraged by the possibility that one day there will be silence. The current storms will fade. Peace and Justice will reign. There will be no more pain. No pain to shatter silence. The temporarily of today will