Youthwork Training Testimonials

After a recent seminar on ‘Developing Risky Conversations with young people’ at a training day in Newcastle – some of the testimonials were as follows:

I loved your seminar because it validated the things I’m really passionate about as genuinely the sort of thing God cares about. I really wants to hear young people and take risks with them and believe that’s exactly where God would be, and in all my uncertainty of her faith journey you gave me permission to run with that God given passion (youthwork Volunteer, Newcastle)

Your workshop was the highlight of a great, important and formative day for L (my language to condense hers). So even though you said it was more difficult, it was really significant’ (Volunteer, Newcastle)

Here is a selection of comments after the 12 hour (5 session) detached youthwork training course that I deliver to groups;

It reminded me of material i knew but had forgotten because i hadn’t needed to use t. It helped me to remember that i wont be a teacher but a supportive adult in this role

It was good to re visit safeguarding issues and to share views with the group

Role play was once again fun and educational

It gave me confidence on approaching situations and conversations when i wouldn’t normally

It helped give me confidence to go out and approach the target demographic, laid the foundation

We know what some of the disadvantages will be for when we go out 0on the streets

Learned what detached youthwork is

It was very helpful,

Participation reinforced ideas, better than just sitting and listening

It made things alot clearer on our roles, it is a good framework to work from

It helped to do role play what we might do when actually engaged with young people on the streets- it helped to allay fears and gave me confidence to think i might be actually able to do it

Helped me understand thing better- enjoyed the role play

This is all new to me, this is giving me the knowledge and confidence

It gives me a bit of ground work and safe experience in starting the conversations

We are not going into it blind, exploring different scenarios was good

Enjoyed it very helpful and educational

It showed me my insecurities, it also gave me good insight into the kind of questions that might be asked and how they might be addressed

I feel alot more comfortable with cold contact

Role play helped me identify situations where questions may be inappropriate/too invasive

Enjoyed the role play, giving me more confidence

It answers alot of my initial questions about cold contact and gives me good insight into possible situations and how to deal with them

James presented the info very well, role play helped to make the situations real, group discussion highlighted alot of the issues

As someone who has never been involved in this kind of work, i have found this training very useful and interesting.

Thank you for your time! 😉

A lot of useful ideas

Challenging, daunting almost but also exciting

Enjoyable- thank you

Enjoying the course

Thank you!

Very interesting and enjoyable

 I found most of the activities very easy as i was with people i knew, however the role play was more challenging and helped me to think about the different situations

 Keep up the good work 🙂 

Thank you for all your time and support

Enjoyed the course, looking forward to starting the street work

I don’t think there is anything i would change, James was very informative

Thank you ! (for your patience)

I have enjoyed the course

These are just a few of the positive and critical comments i have received over the years during and after the training course I have delivered in churches, community groups, workshops and seminars, if you would like to contact me to find out how you can receive training to suit your needs or dreams for working with young people in your local area, you can do so here.