Detached Youthwork Training Feedback

Aspects of my 2 day detached youthwork training that participants recently found most helpful were:

Finding out exactly what detached youthwork is & the role plays

Making  plan for the local area

Getting us all in the mindset for going into the streets to do good and genuinely help young people

General discussion around detached youthwork, the background, why we do it, why young people hang around on the streets and how we approach the young people

Going over what (DYW) is and how to put it into practice

Approach, mostly all of it, Role Play, belonging, autonomy, competence.

Role play

Role Play and challenging pre conceptions

Role play (much to my surprise)

The role play, as they were very realistic to our area

The map – a chance to plan future routes

The language used- whats acceptable


The map exercise

Theory and the difference between detached/outreach and mobile youthwork


Comments on the activities included:

The mix of activities were blended well together. I personally liked the role play, as everyone got to see what it is like to walk up to a group of young people.

The activities were well put together and really made you think about topics

Role play was helpful, an insight what to expect on the streets, group work with others from different areas too, for hot spots

Really enjoyed the small group work as it got my team to think about how we are going to do detached work in our area

Everyone got the chance to discuss everything, it was great working in small groups

Fun, interesting to see different areas, different approaches


And in the main:

Enjoyed the training, thank you

Enjoyable and informative, obvious passion/enthusiasm for the subject reflects well on the group.

Thank you

Lots of room for reflection, new ideas, hopefully a new approach

Really enjoyed and found it useful and helpful, gives confidence for future interactions with young people, thank you

Good amount of information

Feel motivated to get going with detached work. I now have some good ideas moving forward


For more information about the training that I offer, on detached youthwork, or many aspects of youth work and ministry, do get in touch via the contact page above, thank you.