Youthwork and Ministry Training

You have a few young people going to church?

You have a few families with older primary kids in the messy church?

You have lots of 10 yr olds in the local primary school?

You dont know what to do next?

You’re a million miles from a big city and itd be impossible to connect with anything there.

And you as a church have limited funding for paying someone.. so – what do you do?

There are a number of options and ways of doing this – from developing family work, inter generational work, youthwork specifically it all depends on what you think might be appropriate in your specific context, how you view young people, and then how you want young people to be educated in the local community, and your church.

If you’re interested in having a chat further about different options, maybe developing local training for volunteers, then please be in touch. Training your volunteers will develop their skills and confidence for the valuable task that is working with young people.

A typical session would cost:

£115 (+travel) – For a session of training (morning, afternoon or evening) on youthwork/youth ministry in your local setting on subjects including faith development, groupwork, curriculum planning, participation, conversations, monitoring & evaluation, risk assessment, values or mission amongst young people. (cant do all of this in one session though..!)

£225  –  For a days (2 sessions) training for volunteers (as per above on travel/themes)

All of this is cheaper than trying to employ a profession for your groups- and has the benefit of helping you in your churches to develop your own skills, and build on the relationships you have with young people!

Other sessions can be delivered depending on your needs, could include evenings.

These are as a guide only, (and costs dont include travel outside of Teeside or County Durham)  if you would like to enquire about what you need, then let me know.

If theres something else that you need in your locality in regard to the work you do with young people in the community and think I may be able to help, then please do get in touch. If you are able to share this offer within networks that you might have within your affiliations locally in the north east that would be appreciated.

Thank you

Please contact me via email, or via Twitter @jamesosm or facebook or contact me via here. thank you

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