Stuck for ideas for connecting with young people? Maybe this will help:

You only have a few young people going to church?

You have a few families with older primary kids in the messy church?Image result for young people

You have lots of 10 yr olds in the local primary school?

Theres nothing for young people to do!


Image result for question markThe question isnt that there are young people it is that;

I dont know what to do about young people!

And you as a church have limited funding for paying someone.. so – what do you do?

The best way might be to train the volunteers you have already got!  

you mean not get a ‘youthworker’..?   nope.. (well not necessarily)

you mean, we dont wait for the right person to come who used to be a teacher? nope..

What if you’re not a church, but a diocese or an affiliation, and the problem is still the same…?

Everyone seems keen to tell you their way, and sell you a resource or ministry. But is that right for you? How do you know..?

‘Develop from what you have’ is by far the best…

but where might there be ideas for where to start?Image result for Ideas factory


Well this is where I might be able to help.

Yes there are tons of free resources, or articles on this site (please do look around)

However; there are 3 steps to go through before even thinking about an off the self resource! 

Step 1 is to host ideas conversations:

I would love to help you to host these to give you space to have ideas for developing working with young people in your local church or community. If you have the desire and passion to do this – but dont know where or how to start, and its ideas that you are struggling with, or you think there might be a better way for you.. then lets explore it…

Step 2: This involves developing plans for these ideas, step bu step on how it might be implemented and put into reality, it may even, and i hope it would involve ways of giving young people involvement in shaping the plans themselves – after all why cant they be involved from the outset? 

Step 3; Now we get to training!  or at least it might do… for your idea might involve further training, supervision or guidance as you begin a journey of implementation, working out skills required or resources, or knowledge. And though most people skip to step 3, usually it is better to make good plans first!  We can cover ‘creating a curriculum’ or ‘developing conversations’ and a whole host of things that will help you in creating a welcoming and positive space for young people. 

So, if building from what you have to develop connections with young people is something that ticks your boxes, then please do get in touch.

To arrange an ‘Ideas Factory’ Day, to do Step 1 and Step 2., then please do so using the form below. The same for a days training on aspects of youth work/ministry suitable for your setting.

And I will be in touch with you to arrange.

As a guide a typical session would cost:

£250-300 for a whole Ideas Factory day, which includes idea development in the morning, followed by planning and working through processes in the afternoon. (The same price for a days youthwork training) .

£150 – For a session of training (morning, afternoon or evening) on youthwork/youth ministry in your local setting on subjects including detached work, conversations, monitoring & evaluation, risk assessment, values or mission amongst young people.

All prices not inclusive of travel for me, from Hartlepool at 40p mile or public transport.

Book an Ideas Session day today and see what the possibilities become for working with young people in your local area, with your gifts and abilities and the resources you have!  

via email, or contact me using the form below