Leading, Managing & Supervising Training Day Opportunities

So….the harsh reality is that: 

One of the key factors to youth workers prematurely leaving church posts is the relationship between themselves and clergy. Clergy whom in the main are their line manager. (Davies in Ord, 2012)

But what is to be done about the issue?

Getting ready in Leadership roles, or being a Manager might be one thing!

So, if you’re new to thinking about employing a youthworker in your church and line managing terifies you, Or you’ve been a youthworker for a long time, but never managed anyone – and it feels like you might be trying to make up management! (and fear you might be getting it wrong…) then…

Here is an opportunity not to be missed!

1 or 2 days of training on Leadership, Management and Supervision is available, tailored to your specifications!

It could help you be ready to help with the role of being a manager, or having to lead, manage or supervise others, and give yourself some resources and skills to lean on, as well as what you have already. The course may help you:

  • Discover your Leadership style?
  • Explore whether Management is what your church needs?
  • Reflect on supervision and coaching to help your workers flourish! 

Topics in the sessions can include;

Biblical supervision and management, power and ethics, equality, managing relationships, understanding of youthwork, managing strategy and culture. Scenarios and conflicts. Management styles and approaches. Types of supervision. Forms of Leadership.

Or specifics tailored to you, especially relating to the scenarios you have, or the situation you’re about to find yourself in! and any questions about managing youthworkers you have.

£350 is the cost for a full day + travel. Or £190 for 1/2 day. Slightly extra for groups over 10 in size to cover costs of handouts.

Please contact James using the form below and arrange training in leadership, management and supervision – suitable for youth, childrens and community workers in your church or organisation, or organisations/affiliations looking to invest in the quality of support to their youthworkers.

James, has the experience of being a youthworker in several church settings, of managing and supervising youth workers, students and volunteers, and has completed various courses on youthwork management and supervision at Durham University and formerly ICC, Glasgow. He also lectures on Detached youthwork, and provides consultancy, supervision and training for churches, colleges and organisations.