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This is a blog site that I have been updating fairly regularly over the last 6 years with articles, resources and ideas on aspects of youth work, theology and mission. 

The aim of this site is to help you, if you’re a youthworker, volunteer, student or someone interested in developing youthwork practice, with resources and reflections to aid you in the practical delivery of youth work within your specific setting.  

Please do have a look around, and use the categories or tags to find articles on subjects or themes that are appropriate to you, some are in the list below

There are articles on a range of subjects, from detached youthwork, conversation, participation, and Theological themes like Mission, church and a whole host relating to Theodrama, a subject that I’ve spent a while reflecting on, and writing my recent MA thesis on. 

Please do share the articles, and use them to inform and reflect on your work with young people. 


  • For all the articles on detached youthwork click here;
  • Articles on managing a youthworker, or management and supervision are here; leadership and management.
  • A number on Discipleship and young people are at this link 
  • Developing Mission is here
  • And if you want to read reflections on Theology do so here, and Theodrama is where you will understand the reason for the ‘stage entrance’ picture above. 

And finally, 

If you would like further assistance, whether its training or lecturing (subjects include, Detached work, mentoring, conversations, introduction to pioneering, participation, history of youthwork, youthwork theory), consultancy, supervision, or someone to lead a seminar or discussion with your affiliation or diocese, then please do contact me via the contact page 

Thank you for reading, sharing or using any of my articles for your work and ministry with young people. I would gladly receive any gifts of thanks, or recommendations for work, training or consultancy. You can also support this ongoing page by making a donation using the support page above, (or the paypal link in the menu on the right) any ongoing donations and gifts are welcome, and this site will continue for free regardless, no walls, or selective content. 

Thank you for passing by, for reading and sharing any of the articles, I love hearing how I might have inspired conversations and thinking in the challenge of working with young people. 

James Ballantyne


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