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Hey there! Welcome to Learning from the Streets, a site containing articles, resources and ideas on many aspects of youth work, theology and mission. 

The aim of this site is to help you with your youthwork practice, to aid you in the practical delivery of youth work, to help in critical or theological reflection, and to encourage you or others to give young people a higher priority in society and the church. 

Please do have a look around, and use the categories or tags to find articles on subjects or themes that are appropriate to you.

There are articles on a range of subjects, from detached youthwork, conversation, participation, and Theological themes like Mission, church and a whole host relating to Theodrama, a subject that I’ve spent a while reflecting on, and writing my recent MA thesis on. 

Please do share the articles, and use them to inform and reflect on your work with young people. 

If you want to read the latest blogs and articles click here, 6 are featured on the blog page, this months featured theme is ‘Community Development’ and so this might help if this is what your practice is all about at the moment. 

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James Ballantyne